Triple A Squared has created a talented pool of technically savvy engineers who specialise in developing unique solutions to problems rooted in identity and access management. Working directly for a wide range of clients, our team often engages with network providers to advise on best practice and design and recommend technical solutions/integrations. Working with an intimate knowledge of radius, we offer expertise around integrating networks using; OAuth, TLS, TTLS, EAP, LDAP and more.

In developing our own products, we have access to a range of partners delivering services ranging form hardware (sales and maintenance) through to web filtering and IP transit (and most things in between). Because we are independent, we are uniquely positioned to help clients navigate the end-to-end supply chain relating to wi-fi service provision.

Our team also engage directly with venue operators to help articulate the possibilities of leveraging wi-fi technologies to deliver dramatic savings and operational benefits from connecting existing systems to each other (and the Internet).

IoT and location based services form a key part of our story around how wi-fi is evolving to not just to solve existing problems, but to create new opportunities and revenue streams.

  • We are wi-fi specialists
  • We are vendor agnostic
  • We work with your team to move beyond traditional thinking
  • We help you monetise your network assets