09 Public WiFi – Glasgow Central GLC

This is the best public WiFi that we have found in the UK. On or off the railway… this service provides more internet for less personal info than any other we have comeĀ across. While Apple still offers less interruption and higher speeds, it has other motivations.

Much has happened since our visit to London Bridge. A friend suggested that the WiFi in Scotland was better, so we went to Glasgow Central to have a look at how public WiFi has been approached north of the boarder.

I walked into the station at around 8pm on a Friday, and while there wasn’t any signage I quickly found _ScotRail Free WiFi SSID.

Glasgow is Scotland’s busiest station with @ 32m million journeys to and from its 17 platforms.

The service was so easy to use that I forgot to check the T&Cs. It is a template for what all public WiFi should aspire to provide. Those involved should be congratulated.