Over the last 2 years, we have built a fully hosted authentication platform that is geographically diverse and fully redundant. It provides radius capabilities around the world at very low cost, allowing organisations to incrementally add capabilities (eg: social identity federation and enhanced security) without incurring significant upfront costs.

Our authentication platform integrates with existing services, allowing access point management and control, captive portal services and content filtering & transit to remain as-is or to be moved to a more resilient and scaleable environment.

Our platform has been built specifically to enable high volume authentication (in excess of 5,000 simultaneous connections) and multi-site deployment. In designing for these use cases, we can deliver a product that continues to significantly exceed usual performance expectations, while ensuring that more unusual very high volume, multi-site requirements are covered.

The platform has been architected to allow business of any size to take advantage of our unique features. It can be accessed pragmatically via APIs to provide digital agencies looking to integrate with advanced location and network based information (either from sites or apps) to overcome intrinsic weaknesses with cookie based identity management.

3a2 has built a fully hosted platform that allows operators and venues to leverage the benefits of network integration to deliver unique personal visitor experiences securely.

Access Points
Bring your own access point infrastructure, or upgrade to deliver an improved experience.

AP Management
Use existing controllers, or move to a hosted vendor agnostic, virtualised controller management platform.

Hosted AAA
Scalable access management, authorisation and accounting can be integrated with any existing platform.

Integrate securely with existing subscriber databases, or federate access to a range of 3rd party identity services, public (social) and private (LDAP).

Captive Portal
Bring your own user experience or build a completely new “network” enhanced user experience (web and apps) to offer built in location services and security.