01 Free public WiFi – Palma Airport

This is the first post in a series around the usability of various free public WiFi offerings.  Often the Internet Access provided is good, but the user experience in not.  Sometimes the UX is great and the connection is slow or unusable.


We plan to post the actual experience, provide some commentary and give users a sense of what best practise is for public WiFi user experience design.

An so our brief review of the user experience when using the free WiFi on offer at Palma Airport in Mallorca.



Provided by Aena via Kubi the free airport service offered is “limited” (presumably by speed).

They collect the following data:

  • Arriving or departing
  • Male or female
  • Age [range]
  • Country of origin
  • Email address (although they don’t send anything)

Following the “sign up” there is no create account so the information would need to be entered on each visit.

At no stage is it made clear what Aena will do with the information.

The final stage is to either watch a sponsors video or visit a sponsor’s website.  The only conceivable reason might be to increase the traffic to the page… as the offer seems irrelevant and not in the users own language.