02 Public WiFi – Iberia in flight

This time we take a closer look at in flight WiFi.  Much has been made of the airline industry’s efforts to bring connectivity to their planes.  Passengers want it so the carriers are responding.

In principle this seems like a welcome step forward, but we had access to one of IAG’s first aircraft to be fitted with WiFi using SITA’s SITAONAIR solution and the only over whelming (lasting) impression was the cost.  It is a nicely integrated solution and works directly with mobile operators (in our case Vodafone).  Unlike terrestrial services where pricing is aligning, the sky seems to be the best place to make some money carrying calls and data:


Iberia say

Now you can open your email, check your favourite social networks, send text messages and use instant messaging apps during your trip, thanks to our on board WiFi and GSM service.

Strictly speaking this is true, and if you buy vouchers from Iberia directly you can enjoy 4MB of data for €4.95 (instead of the £24 via Vodafone.



We didn’t actually use the service, so all we can show is the landing page that it presented to users when they follow a link received by SMS.