Bespoke knowledge for venue owners

We support clients looking to make the most of their existing networks.

Network design

Physical network optimisation based on survey results, existing traffic information & vendor specific functionality, meeting coverage and throughput requirements.

User experience

Define your Wi-Fi experience end-to-end, from average speeds to user registration and authentication. Including guest portal selection and content strategy.

Security privacy

Delivering a safe and secure Wi-Fi environment is essential to build user trust and confidence. From filtering the Internet access to providing modern encryption.


Building a viable long term strategy for maximising revenues (as well as reducing costs) by leveraging the deployment of ubiquitous in building bandwidth.

Cloud optimisation

Are you running multi-site networks? Opportunities exist to virtualise hardware and also centralise key functions to provide seamless cross site roaming for existing visitors.

Location information

Use your network to provide historic and real-time footfall information? Wi-Fi can provide detailed information about usage of your venue as well as offer location based interactions.

Guest Internet

Improved satisfaction


smart buildings


additional insight & rewards

Our approach

Our approach

3a2 has built a fully hosted platform that allows operators and venues to leverage the benefits of network integration to deliver unique personal visitor experiences securely.

Access Points
Bring your own access point infrastructure, or upgrade to deliver an improved experience.

AP Management
Use existing controllers, or move to a hosted vendor agnostic, virtualised controller management platform.

Hosted AAA
Scalable access management, authorisation and accounting can be integrated with any existing platform.

Integrate securely with existing subscriber databases, or federate access to a range of 3rd party identity services, public (social) and private (LDAP).

Captive Portal
Bring your own user experience or build a completely new "network" enhanced user experience (web and apps) to offer built in location services and security.

Meet the Team

Toby Treacher
Toby Treacher
Product Director
Jeremy Gray
Jeremy Gray
Managing Director
Rodney Edwards
Rodney Edwards
Technical Director

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